Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Neater Scooper

The Neater Scooper
Are you tired of making a big mess when you clean the litter box? The Neater Pet Brand has come up with a innovative way to make it easier for you. Neater Pet Brands have given me the opportunity to try their prodcut. Step 1 Scoop It
Step 2 Bag It
Step 3 Toss It
Scooping and bagging combined into a one hand operation. You will love this product as much as I do.


  1. Do you like this better than using the litter genie?

  2. This looks really easy to use! I have a cat and hate cleaning the litter box lol!

  3. Looks really easy! We always try to "help" mom with our kitty's litter box but we can never get quite close enough! BOL! :) We are your newest followers, looking forward to following you!