Thursday, March 6, 2014

Find Help For Your Vet Bills

Last week my tabby cat Pusspuss was very ill.He was very constipated and wouldn't eat or drink. We were getting very worried about his condition and was afraid that we would lose him.We couldn'r afford to take him to the vet.I searched the internet for home remedies to his bowels moving again. By day four he finally made a bowel movement. It is very stressful when your pet that you love like your child gets ill and you can't do anything for them. Pusspus has recovered and is back at his mischief again. We started feeding him canned food instead of the dry food to keep him on track. He is eight years old, so he is like a human at middle age. Like us as we get older we need fiber in our diet and lots of water. I have compiled a list of places that can him in assistance with vet bills. I would not like anyone to have to go through all of the stress that we did. Red Rover Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance The Pet Fund Giveforward